Rainbows after the storm

We were contacted by Shannon, a mom who wanted us to do a family session at the farm a couple of months before it was actually to take place.  Her sister and her family were coming in from California. We would be photographing their children, who were 2, 2 and 11. So we were working on a tight time frame in which it had to be done.  Shannon checked in occasionally by text or email to make sure we were still good so I knew how important this was to her!  By the beginning of the week of she was sending me daily weather updates which unfortunately didn’t look good.  Severe thunderstorms were in the forecast.   I was trying to have faith even as she was starting to panic and come up with a plan B.  The sun was shining on that morning but they were still calling for those storms.  Sure enough as I was getting dressed the skies got dark, the wind blew and it rained hard for a few minutes. It was about an hour before the shoot when I got the call from Shannon who lived close to the barn that she was thinking we should reschedule, she was upset.  I looked out of my window and told her the sun was shining here.   I’m about 8-10 miles from the barn. I reassured her that it would blow over!   She reluctantly agreed to meet at the farm a little later than we planned.    As I drove there, the closer I got to the farm I started to notice trees and branches were down, leaves were everywhere.   It was like they were shredded off of the trees!  The ditches had rapids in them and the power was out.   I had been watching a cable channel on tv at home, not a local one so I had no idea the storm was that bad!  And here I was on the phone telling her ” oh it’s just a little rain it will blow over!”  By the time everyone showed up at the farm it had pretty much stopped raining and luckily there was no storm damage!

The kids were excited to be at the barn.  Especially the little ones!  They were running all around and excited about all the new things.  So when it was time to try to get them all together for a couple of shots of course they were having absolutely none of it!   Our vision of beautifully posed shots of angelic children flew straight out of the window!  What we got was a lot of shots of these beautiful children just being children!  Mom was thrilled and said they brought tears to her eyes every time she looks at them!   That makes us happy!!<3

This little one was so shy at first that she didn’t want to let go of her Daddy’s hand!  Then she started getting into it and didn’t want anyone else in her pictures!

We were standing by Gal’s stall who thought that since we were there we should be feeding her.  She started rattling the stall door and making scary (if you’re 2) sounds.   Austin wasn’t too sure about her so he was keeping a close eye on her!


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