Attack of the Jewel

We did a session with Tori at the farm on Sunday. I wanted to walk down to the mare field and get some shots by a big tree that is at the end of their field. Cyn, who I think likes horses better when they are on the other side of the fence was a little leery. I assured her that they would pay us no mind. No sooner did those words came out of my mouth Annabelles’ curiosity got the best of her and she came trotting up. She checked us out thoroughly for any treats that we may have been hiding and finding nothing quickly decided that we were no fun. As soon as we got to the tree and got Tori set up Jewelena came wandering over to see what the heck was going on.   Did you ever notice how when someone who doesn’t like cats goes to visit someone who has one, that cat will always pick that person that doesn’t really care for them to rub up against?
Well that’s how Jewelena was with Cyn!  She would be all crouched down, intent on getting the shot and here would come Jewelena.  Nose in her hair, nose in her bag, photo bombing her shots!  I pulled out out my secret weapon. My reflector disk. “This will scare her away” I told her confidently.  I’ve seen horses bolt in terror at the sight of a piece of paper blowing on the ground. Surely this big round object would send her out of our space. Ha!  Wrong!. Crazy girl tried to eat it! Wiped her dirty mouth right on it!  We did manage to get some BEAUTIFUL shots!

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