Horses on the Beach!!


I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago with my family.  A glorious relaxing week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  A magical place where wild Spanish Mustangs roam free on the beaches and dunes.  Our house was 2.5 miles down the beach, only accessible by 4wd.   It is a photographers’ paradise!   I took so many pictures of the kids, the ocean, the sunsets and those horses!  My family got in on the act, sounding the alarm any time they were spotted and I would grab my camera and run!    My brother Mark woke me out of a dead sleep on more than one occasion.  Once for a herd of a dozen or more.  He was on the way back from an early morning grocery run when he came upon the herd standing on the shoreline.  He called me.  I think I was up and out the door before I was even fully awake! Thank goodness he came and scooped me up in his truck and drove me to them,  they were like a mile down the beach!   I got some of my favorite shots that morning!


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