“He loves trains!”  Thats what Noble’s mom said when we scheduled his 2 year/Holiday  session.  So the search was on for a nice, safe train setting where we could also include their little dog Cabo.   We found the perfect place and perfect props.  We had it all planned out!  Cyn and I arrived early and started getting everything ready.  And althought it was a beautiful sunny morning, the wind was blowing and it was cold!  When the family arrived Mom told us little Noble was sick.   Poor thing, you could tell he didn’t feel well.  So we knew we wouldn’t have much time.   What a trooper!  Mom brought all of his little trains and they kept him pretty happy!  Cabo looked like he a great time exploring!  Mom said that he had an ear infection and couldn’t hear very well which gave him the perfect opportunity to ignore us when we wanted him in the picture.   It took a while for us to figure out that where ever we put his little bag  he was quite happy to be!




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